Who wants a home makeover?

We spend a lot of time and money to make our homes beautiful, the right paint, the right furniture, the right decorations. Don’t we?

What about the air you are breathing in your home? Is that important to you? What about the products you are using daily that come in contact with your lungs and your skin? Is this important to you for your family?

I am PASSIONATE about this topic. I am an RN and a mother of 4 children, one child who is a cancer survivor and has celiac disease, one child with ADD and autoimmune disorder, and one child with ADHD. I have researched daily on the causes of these problems my children face. You know what most of it boils down to? Harmful chemical exposure and diet. Yep, you got it. The good news is that both of these, I can have control over. I am the gatekeeper to my home and I can allow or not allow certain products and foods into my home. You can too!

I have learned so much and can’t keep this to myself any longer. I have heard from many of you that it is EXTREMELY overwhelming to even start switching out products because EVERYTHING contains harmful ingredients. So many of you have not jumped on board, although you want to, simply because you are overwhelmed with where to even start. Am I right?

So, I am offering to you private consulting to help you swap out products that will help your family move in the right direction towards wellness. I will set up a time that works for both of us. I can either come to you, or we can consult over the phone. I will go through the products you are using, and show you their level of toxicity, then show you some alternatives you can use to replace those harmful products. We call this ditch and switch.

It is expensive to just throw out everything right away, so I will help you develop a 6 month plan to swap out your harmful products that won’t break the bank. I will make it as simple as possible for you so you don’t even have to put much thought into it.

Once you make this move, you will NEVER go back. So what does this cost? If you are not a Young Living member yet, this service to you is completely FREE! I will spend time with you and make a plan and it will cost you nothing for my services.

If you are a Young Living member already, I will gladly help you find your upline to help support you, or if they are not in a place to provide you support in this way, I will just charge you a fee for my services.

We have also been gluten free for 10 years now, so I am happy to also consult with you in this area if you are interested.

I look forward to working with you and getting your home toxin free. Message me to schedule your home makeover or leave a comment below. Oh and tag a friend!

**Special gift for the first 5 people who take me up on this!